Community Coalition Board Leadership | News from the Community | Research Priorities & Evaluation Criteria

Community Values

  1. Policies and programs should be based on mutual respect and justice for all people, free from discrimination or bias.
  2. All people have a right to political, economic, cultural and environmental self-determination.
  3. The community has the right to participate as an equal partner at every level of decision-making including needs assessment, planning, implementation, enforcement and evaluation.
  4. Principles of individual and community informed consent should be strictly enforced.
  5. The community repudiates the targeting of people of color and lower socioeconomic status for the purpose of testing reproductive and medical procedures and vaccinations.
  6. Present and future generations should be provided an education that emphasizes social and environmental issues, based on our experience and an appreciation of our diverse cultural perspectives.
  7. Research processes and outcomes should benefit the community.  Community members should be hired and trained whenever possible and appropriate, and the research should help build and enhance community assets.
  8. Community members should be a part of the analysis and interpretation of data and should have input into how the results are distributed.
  9. Productive partnerships between researchers and community members should be encouraged to last beyond the life of the project.   This will make it more likely that research findings will be incorporated into ongoing community programs and therefore provide the greatest possible benefit to the community from research.
  10. Community members should be empowered to initiate their own research projects, which address needs they identify themselves.