MSM Model for Continuous Quality Improvement

(MSM CQI Model)

The MSM faculty, staff, and administrators strive for academic and operational excellence that is sustainable and that meets the needs of students and other stakeholders. The Office of Educational Affairs has adopted the MSM CQI Model as a guide for assessment and effectiveness planning for all academic and academic support units. The MSM CQI Model is a seven (7) step process for establishing program goals, outcomes, and/or objectives, aligning them to the MSM Strategic Plan and other strategic priorities, measuring performance, and making evidence-based decisions that ultimately lead to quality improvements. MSM CQI is a true “closing the loop” model for data-informed improvement.

MSM CQI Model 

The MSM CQI model frames the ongoing outcomes-based assessment of the MSM academic enterprise and is consistent with the MSM Institutional Effectiveness Process. OEOA collaborates with the faculty, staff, and administrators of each unit to ensure that annual plans and reports are drafted and completed with fidelity to the MSM CQI model. The MSM CQI Model focuses on incremental improvement of processes that align program operation to practices that advance the mission of the institution. As both a way to promote quality assurance and to recognize those programs and units that demonstrate excellence in continuous quality improvement planning, OEOA certifies the plans and formal process that meet or exceed the criteria with the “MSM CQI Approved” designation.