Overview of OEOA


Functions and Services

Core Functions

OEOA ensures the use of best assessment and evaluation practices that promote a culture of evidence-based decision-making to:

  • Improve learning and educational outcomes for all MSM students.
  • Enhance scholarly productivity of all MSM faculty.
  • Promote continuous quality improvement of MSM curricula and educational programs.
  • Document the achievement of the MSM academic mission.


  • Evaluation support for all MSM academic programs and support services.
  • Review and refinement of assessment tools and processes.
  • Faculty development relative to the assessment of student learning and performance.
  • Management of student learning and program outcomes data.
  • Analyses and reporting of student learning and program performance data.
  • Specialized studies and research projects that promote MSM scholarship and effectiveness.

Assessment Data Management, Analyses and Reporting

OEOA supports academic program faculty and other team members in the systematic analysis of data in the review of curriculum, as well as the quality review of the instruments and processes that are used to measure student achievement. OEOA works with all MSM program and curriculum coordinators, academic support coordinators, clerkship directors, residency supervisors, and technology specialists to ensure that student learning and program performance data processes are consistent with best practices and supports the systematic use of these data by the Curriculum and Evaluation Committee and other faculty committees for continuous quality improvement of MSM academic programs. 

OEOA works with all academic and academic support units to prepare a set of standard and specialized reports that describe overall academic program performance and achievement in relation to the MSM Mission and Strategic Plan.  OEOA also supports the Office of Integrated Planning and Decisions (IPADs) in long-term, centralized student outcomes data management and works with IPADs to conduct high-level, longitudinal statistical analyses of student performance and academic program outcomes that inform short-term and strategic planning.