MSM Public Safety

Department Organization

The Department of Public Safety is comprised of the Morehouse School of Medicine Police Department, Security Services, Parking Deck Management, and Emergency Preparedness. The Public Safety Office is located on the first floor of the Main Campus parking deck and is open 24/7 with staff on the premises.

The Morehouse School of Medicine Police Department is a Registered police agency, as defined under the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Act. The official title of the police agency is “The Morehouse School of Medicine Police Department” (agency number 1863, ORI number GA0606200). Its powers are outlined in O.C.G.A. § 20-8-1 et seq (i.e., Law Enforcement Powers of Campus Policemen) and include the power to arrest; the enforcement of the laws of this state; the preservation of public order; the protection of life and property; the prevention, detention, or investigation of a crime; or any combination thereof.

The MSM Police Department has a fleet of marked patrol vehicles and conduct vehicle patrols around the main campus, to each off-campus location and around the perimeter of each off-campus location. MSM Police may patrol out to 1,500 ft of building contiguous with a campus.

All MSM Police Officers are State of Georgia Sworn Police Officers and are responsible for: Physical and plant security, vehicle and foot patrols of the Main Campus, vehicle patrol of offsite facilities and the AUC footprint, provide response to criminal incidents and emergencies, criminal investigation, risk management and lost prevention, and executive protection.

Security Officers serve as general security presence, secure access to parking lots and buildings, respond to non-criminal incidents, unlock and secure doors and buildings, assist in identifying problems and provide information to visitors and members of the MSM community.

Parking services include vehicle registration, issuing parking decals and temporary parking permits, enforcing parking regulations, providing information and direction assistance and transportation services. Parking Services are managed by Ms. Miecha Rhodes.

DHS Security Action Guides 

Georgia Hands-Free Law - MSM Summary/Statement

The General Assembly passed House Bill 673 also known as the “Hands-Free Law” and it was signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal. The Hands-Free Law took effect on July 1, 2018 and there is no grace period. A link to the complete law can be found at

As a general rule, employees should not conduct any MSM business while driving (i.e., do not attempt to answer the phone or respond to text messages while driving). If you are a physician or other healthcare provider who must provide information or respond to an emergency, we expect you to use your best judgement with hands-free technology to respond and/or move to a safe environment to complete the appropriate action. The safety of our employees, students, patients, and the community is of primary importance as we implement this law and conduct MSM business.