Tuition & Fees 

Tuition and Student Fees for the current Fiscal Year can be found in the Student Handbook.


Payment may be made by credit card, personal check, bank draft, certified check, or money order payable to Morehouse School of Medicine. A student who does not receive student loans and/or scholarships is required to pay half (1/2) of the tuition and fees at registration and is required to sign a promissory note that covers the balance of their tuition/fees at the time of registration by contacting the cashier's office.

Tuition and fees may be paid in two installments. The final installment is due in January or on the date listed on the promissory note. To avoid a finance charge, the final installment must be received by the due date. Delinquent student account obligations may be reported to a credit bureau. Registration will be withdrawn if students fail to satisfy all financial obligations with the school.

Tuition, fees, and account payments carry a service charge of thirty dollars ($30) if a check is returned for insufficient funds, if payment is stopped, or the account deemed closed. Any returned check must be cleared within seven (7) days.

Finance Charges

If your final installment is not received by the due date, a finance charge of one and one-fourth percent (1-1/4%) per month fifteen percent (15% annum) will be assessed on the unpaid balance.

All financial obligations must be cleared forty-five (45) days prior to the completion of each semester. Students who have not cleared their account will not be allowed to register, receive student privileges or provided access to student systems, receive a transcript or letter of recommendation; have academic credits certified, be granted a return from a leave of absence, be officially withdrawn, or have a degree released.


If a student drops or withdraws from a course, tuition charges are refundable according to the decreasing percentage scale below. The following fees are non-refundable: registration, health insurance, life/disability insurance, technology, immunizations, criminal background check, Grady credentialing, and optional fees. A parking waiver is required at the beginning of each semester if the student chooses to opt-out of parking on campus. No refunds or prorations will be provided for parking after the first 5 class days.

Percentage of Year Tuition Refunded
Period after Registration Percentage 
First 5 Class Days 100% 
Second 5 Class Days (2 wks)  80% 
Third 5 Class Days (3 wks) 60%
Fourth 5 Class Days (4 wks) 40% 
Fifth 5 Class Days (5 wks) 20%

*There will be no refund after the fifth week of any semester.

Student Accounts

The Cashier’s office is located in the Harris Building, room 141. This office can assist you with questions regarding your student account or student account statement. The cashier is unable to cash personal, payroll or federal checks for students.


Additional information on tuition and fees can be found in the Student Handbook.