Student Agreement

All students must read, sign, date and submit this document.

  1. I agree to report to the MSM Student Fiscal Affairs Office any change in my marital and academic status. In addition, I agree to report earnings or other support I receive from any source (which may result in the reduction of awards and/or required repayment of financial aid already advanced).
  2. I understand that I must be enrolled at least half-time and agree that if I withdraw, cease to carry the required number of hours and/or fail to maintain the required Grade Point Average (GPA), I will arrange to repay any aid advanced to me (with the Finance Office) for which I am no longer eligible.
  3. I agree to accept the responsibility for repayment of any loans awarded to me, and to attend an exit interview with the Student Fiscal Affairs Office prior to graduation or withdrawal so that the terms of loan repayment can be arranged. (Note: School records will be withheld for failure to attend an exit interview.)
  4. I understand that I have the right to cancel all or part of my loan funds within 14 days from the date of disbursement and have those funds returned to the lender or Direct loans.
  5. I understand that I am responsible for repaying any funds I receive which cannot reasonably be attributed to meeting my educational expenses at MSM and that the amount of any repayment is based on regulation published by the Secretary of Education.
  6. I am also aware that to continue to receive assistance from any of the financial aid programs awarded to me, I must maintain satisfactory progress in the course of study that I am pursuing according to the MSM policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid.
  7. I certify that I do not owe a refund on a Pell Grant, Basic Grant, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, or State Student Incentive Grant that I received to attend any school.
  8. I certify that I am not now in default on any loan received under the Perkins Loan Program, the Federal Subsidized Stafford and Unsubsidized Stafford Student Loan Program, or the Supplemental Loan for Student Program (formerly ALAS/PLUS) for attendance at any school.
  9. I affirm that I will use any money I receive under the Federal Work Study, or any of the Student Loan Programs solely for expenses related to attendance at MSM.
  10. If I am the recipient of a MSM grant/scholarship, the Student Fiscal Affairs Office has my permission to release any financial aid information necessary to the appropriate office for release to the donor.
  11. I have read and understood the above requirements and the conditions applying to financial aid programs that I have received for 2023-2024.
  12. All awards are subject to the availability of expected institutional and federal funds.