Surgery Divisions

General Surgery constitutes the largest MSM surgical service at Grady. It provide care for 25% of the patients which are distributed based on a medical records numbering system. At the present time there are seven surgeons providing call coverage with assistant from trauma during trauma call days. The clinic is a very large outpatient service provided weekly.

Trauma team covers Grady Hospital every fourth day, thus constituting 25% of the service. Presently there are 3 trauma surgeons and all are double boarded; General surgery and Critical Care. Every member of the team is involved in clinical and or scientific research. A separate team of residents is provided for this service.

Vascular Surgery services are provided by MSM. There are two part-time surgeons caring for acute and chronic diseases. These surgeons also support the trauma team in caring for complex vascular injuries. A major part of the outpatient care has involved chronic wound care of the lower extremities. This service has a clinic and a wound specialty clinic with physician assistant providing clinic assistance in these areas.

Surgical Critical Care services consist of four surgeons along with residents providing 24-hour in-house care for these patients. MSM runs a closed SICU, though with detailed input and recommendations from the primary surgical team. A nurse practitioner assists with clinical services.

Surgical Oncology/Breast service has two outpatient clinics and three breast screening clinic every week. This accounts for an outpatient practice that is about 75% breast. The inpatient consultations make up for most of the surgical oncology referrals. MSM has two fellowship trained surgical oncologists and a physician assistant. Grady Hospital is covered for surgical oncology referral every day by a surgical oncologist.

Thoracic surgery is provided by Dr. Arthur Lee for elective cases. Services for acute and traumatic injuries are cover by Dr. Lee and Emory on-call doctor on rotating basis. This rotating schedule provides emergency coverage for both MSM and Emory.

Morehouse Surgery Service @ CFHCThis is an outpatient service provided by general surgeons. The services are done at this site four days a week with plans to expand to all five days. The facility is shared with the Family Medicine Department. Private referral are accepted at this facility.

Community Hospitals Those hospitals that provide a site for private patient services are South Fulton Medical Center, Atlanta Medical Center, and Emory Midtown/Crawford Long. All these facilities are within 10 minutes of MSM surgery base at Morehouse Healthcare.