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The MSM Gamma Chapter of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society was established in 1989 through the dedicated effort and direction of Thomas E. Norris, Ph.D., associate dean for Academic Affairs, and Louis W. Sullivan, M.D., president emeritus of MSM.

Its founding members were Kelvin J. Holloway, M.D., Rudolph E. Jackson, M.D., Herbert C. Jones, M.D., Stanley W. Olson, M.D., Mark L. Rosenberg, M.D., Theodore R Sherrod, M.D., and Dr. Sullivan.

The first students inducted into the Gamma Chapter of Georgia were:

  • Michael A. Williams, M.D. ’87
  • James Lock, M.D. ’87
  • Evelyn D. Johnson, M.D. ’87
  • Janet B. Gerard, M.D. ’87
  • Jacqueline Holt Grant, M.D. ’88
  • Melanie A. Clark, M.D., ’88
  • Carla Althea McLean, M.D. ’89
  • Barbara Marie D’Orio, M.D. ’89
  • Kimberly Katherine Covington-Redding, M.D. ’89
  • Vergena Patricia Montgomery, M.D. ’89

The first faculty member inducted into the Gamma Chapter of Georgia was Marjorie M. Smith, M.D.

Since its inception, members have been elected annually from the student body and residents while maintaining a constant requirement for excellence.

Mailing Address
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
Gamma Chapter of Atlanta
Morehouse School of Medicine
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720 Westview Drive
Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404)752-1616

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