Research Overview

The laws and regulations related to human subject protection, grants and contracts, effort reporting, scientific misconduct, privacy and security, and clinical trial billing are highly complex and always evolving. The Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity is responsible for oversight, and monitoring of Morehouse School of Medicine policies and programs to ensure compliance with government laws, regulations and guidance as it relates to research.

Research Integrity

The National Academy of Science report defines research integrity as “an aspect of moral character and experience. It involves above all a commitment to intellectual honesty and personal responsibility for one's actions and to a range of practices that characterize responsible research conduct." These practices include:

  • Honesty and fairness in proposing, performing, and reporting research;
  • Accuracy and fairness in representing contributions to research proposals and reports;
  • Proficiency and fairness in peer review;
  • Collegiality in scientific interactions, communication and sharing of resources;
  • Disclosure of conflicts of interest;
  • Protection of human subjects in the conduct of research;
  • Humane care of animals in the conduct of research;
  • Adherence to the mutual responsibilities of mentors and trainees.