Who Should File A Report?

Anyone who becomes aware of discrimination or discriminatory harassment committed by a member of the faculty, staff, administration, or student body, vendor, contractor, guest, or patron on campus is encouraged to report the harassment to the Title IX Coordinator.

Every MSM employee who is informed about an allegation of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct is required to notify a Title IX Coordinator either directly or through their relevant reporting structure.

When Should A Report Be Filed?

Individuals may file a report at any time, but MSM strongly encourages individuals to file complaints promptly in order to preserve evidence for a potential legal and/or grievance process. Mandatory reporters are required to promptly report to the Title IX Coordinator information about alleged Prohibited Conduct, including Title IX Misconduct.

Complaints filed long after an alleged incident occurs can hinder effective investigations because verbal accounts, physical evidence, and other information may be more difficult to obtain.

All complaints are handled in a prompt, thorough, and equitable manner.

How To File A Report

To file a complaint with the school, please complete and mail, email, or bring this form in person to the Title IX Coordinator or call our office to make arrangements for us to meet with you there or at another location. If you are unable for any reason to complete this form and would like to make a verbal complaint, please call the Title IX Coordinator to schedule an appointment.

File a Report