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Adult Community Health Worker Training Program

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The online Adult Community Health Worker Curriculum prepares adults to become skilled frontline community health workers. Participants will learn how to promote, maintain, and improve the health of individuals and communities in various settings.
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  • Increase the number of trained adult community health workers to assist with community health programs in underserved communities.  
  • Support and promote the Community Health Worker field.
  • Promote health education and health literacy.
  • Support trained Community Health Workers with the design and implementation of community-based health initiatives. 
  • Provide health monitoring and health literacy activities to underserved communities. 


Role of CHW Covid-19 Emergency Preparedness Cultural Competency Reproductive Health
ACA Health Insurance Navigation Confidentiality & Privacy Public Health & Bioethics Data Science
Community Health HIPPA & SBE Training Basic Anatomy Vitals & CPR Trainin
Social Determinants Public Speaking Chronic Disease Community Assessment
Barriers to Compliance Motivational Interviewing Mental Health Integrative Health
Case Management Health Monitoring Nutrition  Advocacy

Why the Adult CHW Program

Developed out of popular demand, the Adult CHW Program aims to train individuals in community health to bridge the gap between underserved communities and health providers. This program provides individuals with the core competencies needed to truly make an impact in their community. 

Benefits of Completing the Adult CHW Program 

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of community health work and why it is important to be an advocate for your community. 
  • Learn the importance of motivational interviewing and how to conduct health aid services like blood pressure monitoring. 
  • Become a health liaison between your community and health professionals. 
  • After completion of the program, you will be able to apply for CHW jobs and other similarly skilled positions. 


Participants should have a US High School diploma. 

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