MSM Presidential Fellows In-Residence Program

MSM Presidential Fellows In-Residence Program

The Purpose

The purpose of the MSM Presidential Fellows In-Residence Program is to expose Morehouse School of Medicine’s department, center, institute and office leaders to the various responsibilities of the MSM Executive Leadership Team, including the president and dean. The intent of such exposure is to broaden the leaders’ awareness of the “big picture” of institutional leadership, in general, and MSM, in particular, so they better understand their unique and critical roles in MSM’s future success. The program is also designed to help identify and groom leaders for executive leadership positions within a “central” administration.

The Process

Each year, a member or members of the MSM Leadership Council will be selected to participate in the MSM Presidential Fellows In-Residence Program. Once selected, the fellow will receive a link to the “Presidential Fellows” SharePoint site that will include the following:  

  1. A monthly schedule outlining which executive leader he or she will be paired with per month;
  2. A brief narrative description of the roles and responsibilities of each executive leader, and the goal and learning objectives from each executive function; and
  3. Any reading materials they will need during the 12-month program.

The Monthly Engagements

Each month, the fellow and the executive leader will determine in advance the scope of their monthly engagement, based on availability and the nature of the executive leader’s function. During each month, the goal is to have one engagement per week between the fellow and executive leader. However, within that month, the following engagements are expected:

  1. An introductory lunch that allows the executive leader to share with the fellow her or his essential institutional function and how it supports MSM’s mission, vision and strategic plan; The lunch will also allow the fellow to share his or her thoughts about central administrative leadership and the role that unit leaders play in institutional success;
  2. At least one full day in which the fellow shadows the executive leader, attending both on- and off-campus meetings as appropriate; and
  3. A final meeting to discuss takeaways and address final thoughts.

Final Project

At the conclusion of the fellowship, the fellow is expected to complete a final project that is designated in advance by the executive leadership team. In addition to the final project, the fellow will provide a one-page summary outlining his or her final thoughts and takeaways of the program, including areas for improving the program.

The Timeline

The 12-month Presidential Fellows In-Residence Program will begin July 1 and conclude June 30. Fellows will be selected by April 15.

Who is eligible?
Any member of the Leadership Council

How are fellows selected?
Fellows are selected in two ways:

  1. By the President and Dean
  2. Through an application process and voted on by the President and Dean and the Executive Leadership Team

How do I apply?
Interested members of the Leadership Council can apply by submitting an application form to Monique Guillory, ( Chief Administrative Officer and Chief of Staff to the President and Dean.

The application form, which is due by March 30 and will be placed on the Leadership Council SharePoint site, will ask two questions:

  1. Why are you interested in the Presidential Fellows In-Residence Program?
  2. How would you like the program to enhance your ability to be a better leader of your unit?


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