MSM Mass Alert


MSM MASS ALERT is a mass, urgent notification system, comprised of a variety of methods by which the medical school can notify students,faculty and staff of an active, major campus emergency:

  • Text messages (SMS) to cell phones
  • Email
  • Voice messages (under special circumstances, emergency alerts can be sent to work, cell and home phones)


Whent he MSM Department of Public Safety (DPS) determines there is an active emergency in which the public safety of the campus may be at risk, DPSwill initiate an urgent notification through the MSM Emergency Alertsystem. Examples are:

  • Tornado warnings or other dangerous weather
  • Building or School lock downs
  • Fire or hazardous material spill
  • Emergency Preparedness Drills
  • School closings


Before You Register

  • Your information is not shared with or sold to third parties.
  • This service is completely voluntary however we strongly urge everyone to participate.
  • You are responsible for messaging charges by your service provider.
  • You will not receive messages for which you did not register.
  • You may register a variety of ways to be contacted.



In order to receive these urgent notification alert messages, faculty, staff and students must register.  Participants may register a variety of devices to receive emergency messages. While participation in this program is voluntary we STRONGLY urge every student, faculty and staff member to participate.

  1. Step 1: Register at Get RAVE
  2. Step 2: Select Register Now and follow the instructions


*Note: If you get the message "e-mail already exists" go back to the main page and select "forgot username or password."


We are asking for your help in ensuring 100% participation of all employees (faculty and staff), departments and students. 

Joseph R. Chevalier, Jr.
Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police
Director of Emergency Preparedness

Morehouse School of Medicine

Office: (404) 756-5773
Fax: (404) 756-8828
Mobile: (678) 480-4328