Tx™ and Health Equity
Tx™ and Health Equity

Tx™ - The Translation of Science

In the vast majority of instances, research findings take a very long time to impact practice, patients, policy, and ultimately population health. Some discoveries never realize their potential in any large scale way. Sometimes proven interventions help one group but, for one reason or another, are not nearly as effective in another group with the same problem.

"Implementation science" is the convergence of the set of disciplines that facilitate the process of use and adoption of
research discoveries that could have impact on a large enough scale to affect a population’s health status overall or for a given disease (Fogarty, 2012). The interdisciplinary scientists' work also may include guideline and policy changes that extend the impact of those discoveries.

Coined at Morehouse School of Medicine, Tx TM symbolizes the exponential effect that implementation science has in

"T" represents the continuum of translational research in which discoveries evolve from the lab to a patient's bedside, or what is called T1 translation. T2 translation is the study, facilitation, and application of research findings in the community.

"x" represents the exploration of the unknown variable "x" where interdisciplinary discoveries are achieved, and the
exponential growth in which these discoveries must be applied, evaluated, and replicated in order to affect the health
status of communities.

MSM Tx represents the infinite stages of translation beyond T1 and T2. In this regard, the outcome of Tx is health equity, the cornerstone of Morehouse School of Medicine's vision.



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