Total Cancer Care

Did you Know?  

African Americans represent 12% of the U.S. population, but only 5% of participants in cancer clinical trials. But you have an opportunity to change that.  

Why it Matters?  

Cancer research helps to find treatments that are safe and effective. It’s important that cancer patients or survivors from all backgrounds participate. This will help doctors and scientist understand how cancer uniquely impacts our  communities and how to create better personalized medicines.   

The Morehouse School of Medicine Total Cancer Care program invites you to participate in personalized cancer medicine research that may lead to:  

  • Discovering personalized treatment therapies.
  • Identifying your cancer risk factors so you may share this important information with your family members.
  • Providing other patients more options for clinical trials that best fit their needs. 


Enroll Today!  

There’s no cost to enroll and you can participate during your next scheduled doctor visit. By enrolling in Total Cancer Care, you have an opportunity to participate in research that may lead to a new treatment for cancer, with benefits to you, future cancer patients and generations to come.   

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