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A critical element of the G12 Mentoring Academy is the use of team and peer mentoring. Our goal is to provide effective, sustainable mentoring to the faculty at Morehouse School of Medicine. For this program, team mentoring means more than having multiple mentors working with the mentee; it means having mentors working together as a team to contribute to the mentee’s career development.  Peer mentoring involves mentors who are essentially peers of the mentee who have the needed experience to critique the work of their peer.  The concept was developed through the NIH Roadmap initiative which found that “the scale and complexity of today's biomedical research problems increasingly demands that scientists move beyond the confines of their own discipline and explore new organizational models for team science.” Today’s research requires bringing together the perspectives of multiple disciplines to examine a research question right from the beginning. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to develop and conduct research projects that are new and innovative and that would not be possible using a traditional single discipline or multiple disciplines working individually with a mentee approach. It is the synergy created when investigators from multiple disciplines come together that will result in the development of new scientific approaches. This mentoring model provides benefits for the mentee as he/she applies multidisciplinary methods of discovery and the mentors as they bring fresh perspectives to the research question they are examining. The Mentoring Academy promotes the development of this team science through the conduct of multidisciplinary research and the use of team/peer mentoring for mentees.


Dr. Winston Thompson, PhD is the Chair of the Physiology Department and oversees the program. He provides leadership and oversight for the development and administration of the Mentoring Academy.   You can contact Dr. Thompson at 404-752-1715.


Program Goals                                                                                                   



1. To enhance the supportive academic environment for the conduct of multidisciplinary science by the mentee.


2. Working collaboratively to provide multiple perspectives, to facilitate the entry of mentees into MSM’s research enterprise consisting of structures, processes in an interpersonal climate.


3. To facilitate the development of appropriate translational research skills and multidisciplinary approaches to the evaluation of research, scholarship, and service.


4. To provide opportunities for developing and working on mentored and independent multidisciplinary research projects with a multidisciplinary translational research team.


5. To enhance decision-making and other skills involved in working with a multidisciplinary translational research team related to the mentee’s career development and advancement.

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Dr. Winston Thompson

Physiology Department Chair