Financial Aid 

The 2018 - 2019 Financial Aid Prospectus (COMING SOON) provides basic information about the financial aid programs at MSM. It explains the application process, financial aid programs available and the policies and procedures used by MSM Student Fiscal Affairs Office (SFAO) to evaluate financial aid applications and determine awards.

You are strongly encouraged to review this material carefully in order to submit appropriate information and apply for the appropriate financial aid programs.

Please read all of the information contained in this prospectus prior to filling out your financial aid documents and loan applications in order to provide the correct information when applying for aid.  Incomplete information and errors will delay the processing of your application for financial aid.

Priority for Morehouse School of Medicine Grants, Loans, and Federal Work Study, is given to MD students who meet the financial aid deadline dates and show financial need after all other forms of financial assistance are considered. Also, a student must satisfy all the eligibility requirements stated in this Financial Aid Prospectus and follow the application procedures outlined.

Specific information on academic programs, faculty and facilities are available in the MSM catalog.

Apply for Financial Aid

Deadline Dates for Entering Students 

  • Entering MD students: March 15, 2018 
  • Entering GEBS students (MSBR/BT, MSCR, MSMS, PhD): June 8, 2018 
  • Entering MPH students: June 8, 2018



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