Master of Public Health

Student Achievement

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges




The selection and support of students in the M.P.H. program should be sufficient to keep attrition rates below 15 percent.


Threshold: Less than 5%

Actual for entering classes 2009 - 2012: 10.4%


Graduation Rate

Graduation rate for the M.P.H. program is defined as those completing the M.P.H. within five years of matriculation.


Threshold: 70% (from Council on Education in Public Health)

Actual for entering classes 2007 - 2012: 89.6%


Career Placement

Career placement for the M.P.H. program is defined as placement in further graduate study or a career linked to public health within one year of graduation.


Career threshold: 80%

Actual for classes graduating 2009 - 2014: 90%




The Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) evaluates student success in the context of our mission to:
>>Improve the health and well being of individuals and communities;
>>Increase the diversity of the health professional and scientific workforce;
>>Address primary healthcare needs through programs in education, research and service;
with emphasis on people of color and the underserved urban and rural population in Georgia, the nation and the world.
The areas of achievement vary by program and include parameters of retention (low attrition), graduation, success in licensure examinations and career placement.
In accordance with the requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), each institution should "publish statements of its goals for student achievement and success of students in achieving those goals."
Policy on Institutional Obligations for Public Disclosure