Student Employee Health – Infection Control Services


The SEHS-IC offers general comprehensive medical care, acute primary health care services and services in Infection Control and Immunizations. In the near future, additional services will be provided. These services will include the following:


  • Health & Wellness Education
  • Allergy Injections
  • Student Counseling and Referrals
  • Annual Physicals


Counseling - The SEHS-IC will refer students for counseling via the Counseling Services of MSM.  Services are available free of charge to all matriculating students. Students have the option to request independent providers for mental health counseling. SEHS will refer to counselors independent of MSM upon request.


Disability Services – SEHS-IC is independent of the Office of Disability Services (ODS). The ODS serves as the primary resource for students with documented disabilities, disability concerns, and making request of reasonable academic adjustments. 


Employee Assistance Program – The Morehouse School of Medicine offers counseling and referral assistance via an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided by an external source or an internal student counseling service. Any employee or student concerned about alcohol, substance abuse or emotional problems may contact EAP directly or will be referred to the EAP liaison at 404-752-1846.


Student services are covered by Students’ Health Insurance Plans. There may be a co-payment applicable. Employees’ services are covered by their insurance plans. Payment is expected at the time of services. Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Debit Cards are accepted.  For co-payments and benefits via the MSM sponsor plan, please refer to Blue Open Access POS / MSM Benefit Summary BlueCross BlueShield Benefits Member Guide. Employees should contact customer service or the plan benefits number on their insurance card for information regarding covered services.


You’re covered wherever you travel

BSBS Health Coverage:  If you are traveling in the United States, on an away rotation, or out of the country, your coverage travels with you. If you need emergency, urgent or approved follow-up care, you have three options. Go to, call BlueCard® Access at (800) 810-2583 or simply call the customer service number on your insurance ID member card.


SEHS-IC medical records are confidential and only accessible by students and employees who receive services at SEHS-IC and the SEHS-IC service staff.  Medical information is released only with the patient’s written consent, except as legally mandated in life-threatening emergencies and Georgia State Law. The MSM Notice of Privacy Practices is available for information regarding patient rights and how your personal health information is handled. SEHS-IC patients can access their medical records and communicate electronically with SEHS-IC staff by signing up for "web view" during their visit to SEHS-IC.


You MUST be registered to access "Web View"Click here to access your medical records.


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Student Employee Health Services-Infection Control
1513 East Cleveland Ave
Building 500
East Point, Georgia 30344
Telephone: (404) 756-1241 
Fax: (404) 756-1237